Supplies: What you need to get started & beyond.


I have seen a lot of big ART SETS that looked exciting in the box…but sometimes the quality of the products makes the art-process very frustrating for even the most experienced artists…

Here are a few places where I buy my supplies. They have good quality materials and they also sell less expensive, medium grade materials called scholastic or academic quality…for students. Just remember to start off you do not need a LOT of equipment….just a few quality tools & materials.

…just to name a few

Give your budding artist the best chance to succeed at drawing and painting.

Suggestions (the three biggies):

A couple of 2B pencils
A nice pencil sharpener
A white eraser 

For color:

8 pack of (Prismacolor brand are my favorite) colored pencils and/or
8 pack of watercolor pencils with a #6 watercolor brush and/or
an 8 pan watercolor paint set with a #6 watercolor brush and/or
markers and/or
acrylics in 2oz. craft-bottles are inexpensive and easy to work with ..but, get a separate brush for these and make sure that they’re kept clean (the acrylics could dry on it and ruin the bristles). Acrylics come off of most things…but not cloth…so, use an apron.

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