The American Crow

The American Crow is not known for the beauty of its song, a series of loud caws.

Crows are black birds known for their intelligence and adaptability,

…and for their loud, harsh “caw.”    listen:

They also have a reputation for damaging crops.

Sometimes gardeners build scarecrows to ‘scare’ the crows away from eating their veggies. They dress a tall stick near the fence of the garden in old clothes and a hat…to make the crows think that there is a human there; and would cause the crows to think twice before rummaging through the plants.

Drawing a crow with your kids can be fun, and maybe you can add a scarecrow.

If you and your kids draw a crow or a scarecrow…please send a scan or photo of it…I would love to see.

If you give me permission, I could add it to our gallery.

See you next time, happy drawing,

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