Squares, Circles, Rectangles etc.

What can you do with squares, triangles, rectangles & circles?

Well, lots & lots of things, but today a CASTLE…

One of our favorite places to visit is between New York and Ontario, on the Saint Lawrence River:  Thousand Islands. 

A few years ago we took an amazing boat ride from Gananoque, Ontario to see hundreds of islands and during that boat ride we stopped on Hart Island to see the Boldt castle.

So much history and an awesome story about how this rich guy bought this island in the late 1800s and soon after started to build this huge castle on it for his wife.

And then, after a handful of years of working on this amazing structure …his wife died. So, broken hearted he stopped the work on the castle, and never returned.

It was left unfinished and crumbling for over 70 years, but,  in recent years has been restarted.

We explored the island and went through a lot of the castle. It was fascinating.

With this simple DRAW PAGE  you can draw a castle with your kids today. You can encourage them to make theirs super-simple or off-the-charts extravagant!  When it’s all colored and finished snap a photo and send it to me…I’d love to see it and add it to our GALLERY. Send it with the first name & age to Rose@TheDrawPage.com.

happy drawing!



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