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There are many illustrations that I have done for kid’s books, magazine articles, classroom posters, advertising jobs etc.

Generally speaking I use pen & inks, watercolors & colored pencils…and clean everything up in Photoshop.

I love line, and I love how watercolors react when they touch paper.  Line is very definite and watercolors seem to have minds of their own with very serendipitous outcomes.  I enjoy utilizing both.

I bask in the freedoms that drawing & painting allow when the intentions are distinctly non-realistic, and possibly even whimsical.  I enjoy letting the paper dictate to some extent; it nearly always culminates in colorful, vividness and quirkiness.

The most recent of my works are a series of simple ink-line-drawn-subjects, adding the watercolor to it to bring the piece into a square or rectangular shape, and adding a colorful checkered border finish.

-Rose Gauss