Kittens & Coloring

Good Morning!

This is supposed to be a beautiful weekend here in the ‘burgh!  I am looking forward to doing a little garden-preparation today.

But right now I thought that I’d post a coloring page, (in case you are in the mood to get your colored pencils, crayons or markers out) and a couple colored pencil drawings that I did this week.                      Claudia

This first kitty is my own Claudia, she is a six-toed (polydactyl) cat that found us a few years ago.  Because of those six-toes, her paws are so big and even though she’s a full grown cat she still has the appearance of a kitten. She is also a snuggler, and will sit and purr with me for hours on end.

And this cutie-pie is TK all dressed up. (I think that TK stands for Tiny Kitten)

And as promised, here is a coloring sheet to print out and color:HeartBearColoringSheet

Happy Coloring, and have a wonderful weekend!   -Rose

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