WHAT FUN! Dry Erase Crayons on Scribbles Board.

As I am adding to my ArtCart for my grandsons…I keeping finding really cool stuff!

This was something I was looking for, but…well…not exactly…

I was looking for single chalkboards for each of the boys, the kind that we used when I was a kid in the 50s and 60s. I thought they were so much fun!
But, they’re not that easy to find….I guess messy chalk isn’t something that people want for their kids anymore.

I work in Pittsburgh, and on Friday, I went to one of my favorite lunchtime haunts on Walnut Street: Shadyside Variety. This is the sweetest little toy store!

Well, I found some things that aren’t messy and are a whole lot of fun!   I found this cool set of Chalkboard Placemats and a box of bright Dry Erase Crayons…


The crayons are so soft & easy to use, they’re bright and vivid!

I’m sure the crayons would work on a host of other papers, but, these mats are durable and erasable…reusable!

A cloth and a sharpener came with the crayons. I didn’t even take the eraser-cloth out of the box, I just used a tissue to wipe the board clean.

The first time, as you can see, I wiped with a dry tissue and it erased smudgy. But look at the next photo…

In this photo I wet the tissue with a little water, and … it cleaned up perfectly!

…and then I cleaned the whole mat with that same wet tissue…

…ready to start again…what a fun idea!

Even if you are no where near Shadyside Variety, you can still order these fun materials from an online place called Imagination Starters. I would think that Crayola, Walmart or Amazon would have them too.

Let me know what you think, and keep sending the drawings that you & your kids make. I love seeing them; and we will soon be opening our new Gallery page where we can display them.

Have Fun!

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