Draw An Owl

The evenings are getting cooler…

In the evenings here in Pennsylvania it is getting cooler. So much so, that we started closing our windows at night.

But, a few nights ago we still had the windows open and I could hear an owl in the woods screeching along with all of the other nighttime animals. I thought that it might be nice to show you & your child how to draw an owl.

We’ve done this before, but I think its so much fun…and this DrawPage is set up easier to use from your computer, tablet or phone.   Next week we’ll start on making a cornucopia for Thanksgiving.

And I also found out some fun facts and websites and articles about owls….even a website with owl sounds on it.

Check out the links below the Draw Page.

(Remember to start with a WHISPER LINE.)-Owls have soft fringes on the edges of their flight feathers that make it possible for them to fly without making a sound, and their asymmetrical ears give them pin-point accuracy when listening for and locking on to a prey target.

-Owls are noted for their large eyes, which take up so much head room, there is little space for eye muscles. An owl must turn its head, rather than its eyes, and is able to swivel its head nearly three-quarters the way around.

-An owl’s eyes also take up brain space, which means the saying “wise old owl” is actually not very accurate. Owls rely on instinct, rather than problem solving, to hunt their daily meal.   Read more.


Why You Want to Attract Owls

The haunting, magical sound of an evening owl call isn’t the only benefit of attracting these nocturnal creatures to your land. Owls dine on a smorgasbord of voles, mice, and other rodents that can pester urban or suburban homeowners, as well as large insects that can wreak havoc on your garden.

  • Learn their language. Your property may already harbor owls without you even knowing it. According to Bancroft, the best way to find out if there are owls already living in your neighborhood is to listen for their calls at night.   Here’s what they sound like:


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