Draw A Chick

Remember the other day when I told you that I sent my grandsons magnifying glasses and a book? If not: see this post.

And I said that I’d let you know how it worked out…whether they found it interesting or not.

Well, it has been decided.

It is a winner for the 6 year old. And well, the two younger boys (2 and 4) just chased each other around with the magnifying glasses. LOL

I suppose that they’re too little to really understand.

The oldest made sure that he raised or lowered the glass to magnify and focus it correctly to see what the little-tiny pictures were. And he enjoyed going thru the book to see what was next.

So, I guess the Gramma/Grandpa Magnifying Glass Activity book was a success! (well, one third of a success!)

Little things are cool,
I have a friend who paints miniatures. Now, you’d’ think that might be easy…but when they are so very tiny, it is a lot of work. See here. 

She took first place in an upcoming Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators’ Heinz History Center show. See here.

And she has to wear these cool looking goggles that magnify everything. And she painstakingly paints these gorgeous pictures…she has won many awards and here’s more on her site.

Well, in honor of little things today let’s draw a little baby chick:  I’m sure your kids would love to make one for Easter. (next week maybe we can make an Easter Bunny). Remember to start with a Whisper Line, so you’ll be able to easily erase unwanted lines.

happy drawing! -Rose

happy drawing!


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