Colored Pencil Drawings

Even though we mostly do simple little drawing themes for kids here at The Draw Page…this is one that you grown-ups may enjoy doing all by yourself.

colourfixI bought a package of Artist Trading Cards ,there are lots of different paper-types. They are not terribly expensive (because of their size) and they are prepared for you…and who knows …you may even TRADE them…. or start a collection….empty-pages

I got the ones  with a coating of soft umber COLORFIX acrylic primer on them. They are so much fun! The package says that you can use:
•             Oils
•             Acrylics
•             Watercolor
•             Gouache
•             Pastel
•             Pencil
•             I chose to use prismacolor colored pencilscpencils

They are very small (not at all intimidating: 2.5”x3.5”)ruler

Sometimes during my lunch, just to relax; I draw flowers on them. You can finish one rather quickly because of their size.


finishYou can even get small frames, mattes, or Greeting Cards to put them in.


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