Colored Pencils on Day 15

It’s Day 15 of my Walking Down Memory Lane Month.

Well, these aren’t really all that old of a memory , I think maybe 2012-13…but…it’s no secret that I love colored pencils. and…

I found these really cool little ART CARDS, they make them in watercolor paper, and illustration board and others…but the one that I found so much fun is the kind that have a sandpaper-ish coating. I use colored pencils on them and it makes such a rich vibrant color…and its a fun sensation just coloring on it. 

Here’s one of some flowers that I drew as I went along…they’re tiny like a business card size. so, they’re quick and fun.

You can draw a flower with your kids. Get out some crayons, colored pencils and paper, download the Draw Page and either print it out or work straight from the online lessons. Have fun!

Next month we’ll be showing how we made an Art Cart for our kids that you can make also. But, until then we’ll see you tomorrow with another blast from the past.


PS: Send me a scan or photo of you & your kid’s drawings, I’d love to see them and add them to our gallery!

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