Draw: a teacup

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      Good morning! Here is a simple drawing project, using the steps below…start with the 2 dots adding a ‘smile’ line below…and another on top.                                                                   …

Draw a Pear

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Drawing a pear to add to our Thanksgiving Cornucopia. Follow the steps below starting with a Whisper Line, and you can practice making this and the apple. next week we’ll add a few more fruits and vegetables. Happy Drawing! -Rose

Thousand Islands

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In July my husband and I drove to Ottawa to visit with our oldest son and his family. We had a great time with them!   Some of our other kids were able to join us for a few days too, so the trip was wonderful! Spending time with some of my most favorite people in the world! Ottawa reminded us a …

Drawing A Train

Rose Draw Page Step-by-Steps (super-easy) 0 Comments

I personally love trains. I travel from Pittsburgh to New York City or Philly…and Pittsburgh to Washington DC fairly often. I love sleeping, reading, watching the countryside, talking to new friends…and walking around in the train. In my opinion the travel is almost as much fun as visiting other cities. Here is a simplified version of an old coal train…more …