Complementary Colors

Knowing how to use these color groupings can be advantageous when doing artwork. Complimentary Colors are opposite one another on the color wheel. They can enhance one another. Colors on exact opposites of the color wheel are known as complementary colors. Mixing a color with its complement will usually give you a muddy brownish color.

Color: Part 2 – WARM & COOL colors

There are gazillions of colors Fortunately for us, they can be divided into just a few color families, and every color pretty much has just three main attributes: HUE = the name of the color like BLUE, ORANGE or GREEN. SATURATION =  is how sharp or dull the color appears. VALUE =  is the SHADE (darkness) or TINT (lightness) of …

Color Theory for Kids and their Grown-Ups

Part 1: The Color Wheel This is simplified & intended to help explain color to a child. There are Draw Pages (to give some hands-on learning) that you can download and print.   Sir Issac Newton is credited with developing the first circular diagram of colors in 1666. This color wheel has been used since then as a tool for ...

Crayons are fun!

This the rough draft for is an illustration that I did a number of years ago. A story about a little girl coloring. The way it looked in the magazine is below. See the link to the right for COLORING PAGES where you can print out a handful of coloring sheets and color with your kids.  Enjoy! -Rose

National Crayon Day is March 31st

In honor of National Crayon Day here is a bunny for you & your kids to color. Enjoy! Click here to download and print: bunny -Rose

Coloring for Mom

Here’s a  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY picture to color for your Mom for next Sunday! Happy Coloring! -Rose

Kittens & Coloring

Good Morning! This is supposed to be a beautiful weekend here in the ‘burgh!  I am looking forward to doing a little garden-preparation today. But right now I thought that I’d post a coloring page, (in case you are in the mood to get your colored pencils, crayons or markers out) and a couple colored pencil drawings that I did this week. …