Color: Part 2 – WARM & COOL colors

There are gazillions of colors Fortunately for us, they can be divided into just a few color families, and every color pretty much has just three main attributes: HUE = the name of the color like BLUE, ORANGE or GREEN. SATURATION =  is how sharp or dull the color appears. VALUE =  is the SHADE (darkness) or TINT (lightness) of …

Color Theory for Kids and their Grown-Ups

Part 1: The Color Wheel This is simplified & intended to help explain color to a child. There are Draw Pages (to give some hands-on learning) that you can download and print.   Sir Issac Newton is credited with developing the first circular diagram of colors in 1666. This color wheel has been used since then as a tool for ...

Crayons are fun!

This the rough draft for is an illustration that I did a number of years ago. A story about a little girl coloring. The way it looked in the magazine is below. See the link to the right for COLORING PAGES where you can print out a handful of coloring sheets and color with your kids.  Enjoy! -Rose

National Crayon Day is March 31st

In honor of National Crayon Day here is a bunny for you & your kids to color. Enjoy! Click here to download and print: bunny -Rose

Coloring for Mom

Here’s a  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY picture to color for your Mom for next Sunday! Happy Coloring! -Rose

Kittens & Coloring

Good Morning! This is supposed to be a beautiful weekend here in the ‘burgh!  I am looking forward to doing a little garden-preparation today. But right now I thought that I’d post a coloring page, (in case you are in the mood to get your colored pencils, crayons or markers out) and a couple colored pencil drawings that I did this week. …

Colorful Dinosaurs

Okay, here’s fun coloring sheet, it’s another one of a dinosaur! My grandson Nikolai loves dinosaurs! He and his brother August were coloring with me the last time I visited them. We had so much fun, using crayons and markers. Here’s a photo of the boys at the kitchen table.   Here’s one for you & your kids to print out and color: …