Canonsburg School visit

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Leda and I visited St. Pat’s again this past Friday, this time we spoke to the younger grades. We are reading WHEN I AM QUIET to a first grade class! Then after we were done reading I showed them how to draw a fish, a piranha, and a butterfly so they could illustrate a story themselves. We had a lot …

St. Patrick’s:

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We had such fun visiting with the children of St. Pat’s yesterday! Nora Thompson and Leda Miller and I spoke with the 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th graders about how we do our illustrating: how differently we work and our different styles. (I am taking the first two photos here if you’re wondering where I am) Mrs. Miller, the librarian …

When I Am Quiet…

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by Joanne Fairchild Miller and illustrated by ‘Me’… now on sale at and on my website and on I’ll post a few more of the activity pages. I’ll post the answers tomorrow. ~Rose

The new book is complete

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Here is one of the pages…the finish of the one in the last post.  The book is now available at: along with the first book and free coloring pages and puzzle pages. It is also available on my website:  

Another page…well, actually two…

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This is a double page spread from the book, it will still be modified when set into the book itself.  Unfortunately you cannot see all of the details (…maybe I’ll throw it into Photoshop and break it down into a few detailed parts to show you.)  And certainly the trees in the background must be toned down a bit.  I …

Storyboard-all 48 pages

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This is the first page of thumbnails, done in colored scribbles…but we get a better idea of what we’re looking for. Joanne and I will go over these and make MANY changes. The second 24 pages is below: we will post full sized sketches and even finishes in the next few days. Thanks for visiting…please leave a comment. Rose