Can you name 26 bugs? Drawing a Northern Walking Stick

I have been working on The ABCs of Interesting Bugs!

I drew & painted a not-quite-realistic bug (or insect) for every letter of the alphabet. Certainly nowhere near a scientific study…just a fun set of colorful whimsical bugs.

Anyway, here is what the ABC poster looks like 

(it is available sized for a nursery or classroom wall: 12”x 36”)  Whimsical Bug ABC Poster

I will be adding the Draw Pages for each insect throughout the weeks…and offering a new Draw Book (with all of the new trimmings) this spring on how to draw them all.

This week we’ll do the letter: N

This is how you can draw a Northern Walking Stick.

The Northern Walking Stick can grow over 3 1/2 inches long, with males being smaller than females. They live in forests and feed on the leaves of many deciduous trees, including: oaks, Sassafras, Black Cherry, and Black Locust. They also eat clovers.

Northern Walking Sticks have long, skinny bodies which closely resembles twigs or stems of plants.

Males are brown, females are greenish-brown.

Again; I painted mine very colorful and quite unrealistic…and you can also.

Or if you’d like to draw realistically, or just see what they really look like. Here’s a link with more information on the Northern Walking Stick.

Have fun drawing.


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