Welcome to The Draw Page!

Here are lots of free activities and drawing lessons to download & print.

This site is a valuable resource for all of your drawing needs, even if you’re new to drawing!  Most of the lessons and activity pages are intended to be very uncomplicated, so very young artists can take advantage of them.  And we occasionally add categories for different levels of users.

History of theDRAWpage.com

This site started out as a personal sketch journal, back in 2009.

I called it A Compass Rose (a circle showing the principal directions printed on a map or chart).

It has since grown into a resource center for kids and their grown-ups to find lessons or inspiration to draw and paint. 

With lots of fun things to do.

And, of course; Now it’s called The DRAW Page!

I first started making & using these creativity pages while teaching art for Kindergarten thru 8th grades. I enjoyed making my own curriculum…and I also occasionally needed an extra activity for the kids who were quicker and needed to go a little further.

At the same time I was illustrating for a children’s magazine doing a monthly “Draw Pages” and I kept the rights to all of my work.

I have been gathering all of my artworks and lessons and compiling and re-illustrating to make a book I originally called: RAINY DAYS & SUN DAYS: Creativity Boosters & Art Lessons for Kids and their Grown-ups!

Now it is The Draw Book!

  • Volume 1 is available
  • Volume 2 is Drawing INSECTS ABCs
  • more coming!

This blog journal went from how I do my artwork, and my thoughts during the work…to the beginnings of an awesome resource center for kids, teachers, and anyone who wants to know how to draw but feels as though they cannot. Even if you already know that you can draw…we can help one another get better.

Who is Rose?

When I was a young girl I rode bikes……and climbed trees……and played ‘catch’ with friends & siblings.

BUT my favorite thing to do was draw & paint!

Out of high school I went to college and then to art school and became a Graphic Designer….and worked for a number of years in different studios.

Then my children were born.  I simply fell in love with the three of them. I’d spend the day playing with them and reading to them, and when they slept, I would watch them with wonder. I was sure my employers would not appreciate this, so I became a stay-at-home mom.

As my children began school, I started teaching ART to Kindergarten thru 8th grades at our local school….which I did for close to  25 years.  Eventually I went back into the Graphic Design field and found that we graphic designers were replaced by computers!!!  I had to learn computers, but found such wonderful software like Photoshop, that took me back to my childhood love of drawing and painting.

I have since illustrated a number of kids books, magazine articles, ads…I also do a little design work sometimes.

My husband and I have been together for nearly four decades, our children are all grown, and we now have 4 grandchildren.

I enjoy life thoroughly!  I believe that I am doing exactly what I was born to do in each season of my life.  I now have the opportunity to work utilizing all of my careers.  In my work I use graphics, teaching, drawing & painting and loving people (especially children)!

I get a lot of good feedback especially from those who thought they couldn’t draw.   I give them step by step incremental lessons.  Sometimes that’s all a child (or grown-up) needs…someone to guide them through even a simple project.  My work not only satisfies my creative side, but allows me to encourage others to see what they can do.

I enjoy seeing the people that God loves having fun!   To see a child be proud of what they’ve accomplished, even something very small…makes me smile.      I remember that no matter how talented I may think I am…I’m only as good as the last time I helped someone.

Please contact me at Rose@theDRAWpage.com.

I hope that you can join me on this journey.   ~Rose

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