Magnifying Glasses

This past week, my husband and I bought these cool magnifying glasses for our three oldest grandsons. 

They live nearly 5000 miles away in Kiev, Ukraine; and the only way we could do some fun activities with them would be on SKYPE. So we had to think a bit before we shipped them off.

We considered making a WHERE’S WALDO type of a book where I’d draw a scene with tiny objects that they’d need to find in each page…which we may still do at some later date. But this is what we’ve decided on for now: we are taking a bunch of photos of recognizable objects and making them small to see if the boys (ages 6, 3, 2) can guess what the object is. 

We’re hoping that maybe something this simple would be good; they’d still have a challenge but not so big of a challenge that they’d get frustrated. The point is to utilize their magnifying glasses to help them solve the puzzle.

The plan is that each page will have four tiny photos and be considered a mystery picture.

I’m not sure how our ‘little mystery pictures’ will be accepted, but I’m pretty sure they’ll have fun with the magnifying glasses.  This past summer when we visited them in Kiev we brought gifts for all of them and one of the gifts for the oldest boy was a magnifying glass, which he loved!

It actually became an item that they fought over…and they had to use a timer to learn to share it.

I make them coloring books and drawing books and photo books…but I’m just not sure how this one will work out. I’ll let you know when I get some feed-back from my son & his wife.

Hopefully this could be a fun afternoon for them. Or a Saturday morning skype time with us.  And we know that at least the magnifying glasses should be a big hit!


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