The DRAW page is a great place for you & your child to spend time together! A wonderful starting place for developing artistic skills, with projects that build confidence.  Each page is a step-by-step art lesson

  • designed to entertain & teach
  • with simple instructions and attainable goals,
  • for even the short attention spans of the very young.



See Blog or Lessons for more!    …And if you’re looking for something fun for your kids that is NOT electronic.

Try The DRAW Book an accompanying workbook to theDRAWpage.com, a collection of all of the posts and more….a virtual art-class-in-a sketchbook for the very young, and very young at heart.     The DRAW Book is for all ages…even the adult who thinks-they-can’t-draw.

Get your copy and discover:

  • The perfect addition to fun night…with full color examples on each page!
  • Sound advice on buying supplies and setting up a simple area for drawing.
  • Easy drawing tricks you can use to impress your youngsters.
  • An inspirational starting place for developing artistic skills!
  • Projects that build confidence!
  • A stimulating resource for analytical thinking!
  • A great place for you and your child to spend time together!



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